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Barron’s vehicle was parked nearby and was still running when police found it. The night before, according to court records, Barron bought beers for the crew to enjoy after wrapping up the day. Some workers went home. Others remained. Harris County Sheriff’s Office investigators now believe that the man suspected in Barron’s death, 44-year-old Serafin Andrade, was among those who stayed. A warrant for his arrest on charges of murder and retaliation was issued Sunday. Investigators honed in on Andrade as a suspect after finding his vehicle dumped in a lake on private property, court records show. Inside the vehicle, police found an empty holster and a handgun that matched the caliber of ammunition found at the crime scene. Investigators then learned that another construction worker witnessed the shooting and that Andrade threatened to kill him if he revealed what he saw to authorities. During a police interview, the worker revealed that he heard an argument erupt between Barron and Andrade around 11 p.m. He then watched Andrade go to his truck and come back with a gun.


Locke, who was then the Democratic governor of Washington State and is now interim president of Bellevue College, recalled, “I was the state co-chair of Hillary [Clinton]’s campaign.” Locke did campaign for Obama after the then Illinois senator won the Democratic nomination. “Right after the election, I got a call from one of the top people in the transition asking if I could take a quick trip to Chicago,” Locke said. Even then, Locke recalled only being told he was being considered for a range of positions. “There’s a variety of slots. They move around like musical chairs,” he said, recalling that former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk had been rumored to be a candidate for transportation secretary. But the Obama administration, wanting to include Republicans in the cabinet, selected then Illinois congressman Ray LaHood to head the transportation agency and named Kirk the U.S. trade representative. “There’s all these different scenarios and objectives they consider, like fulfilling diversity, gender diversity, party diversity,” Locke said. Particularly if the next secretary’s expertise is in K-12 education, the department’s lead on higher education, who has at times been the education under secretary and, during the full report other administrations, the assistant education secretary, will be key in shaping policy for the nation’s colleges and universities.