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More than 100 cases are under review, according to information presented in Tuesday’s meeting. Even so, enforcing the public health orders can be a challenge. City officials have noted in past meetings that the Boulder Police Department doesn’t have the capacity to walk around and enforce the mask mandate, which requires all those in Boulder to wear a mask in instances when 6 feet of social distance cannot be maintained. The city shares addresses for the properties ordered to stay home, but compliance with the order is largely based on an honor system, Llanes said Tuesday. In many instances, enforcing the order or enacting a penalty requires people to comply with public health officials or law enforcement. In October, for example, when a resident rented a party bus that was later linked to positive coronavirus cases at Boulder High School, Boulder County Public Health spokesperson Chana Goussetis said those involved “have not been forthcoming with additional information,” which makes it challenging to complete contact tracing and case investigations. “Words can’t even express how disappointing it is to hear that people are getting together even when they know they have tested positive for COVID-19. They are knowingly putting other people at risk,” Goussetis said in an email, regarding large gatherings that flout her comment is here public health orders. “Sure, some people don’t get very sick, or don’t have symptoms at all, but that may not be true for the person they give the virus to. [Traffic]